Case Study – Passenger Lift Installation in Milton Keynes

Case Study – Passenger Lift Installation in Milton Keynes

Replacement Lift for Alpla Plastic Manufacturers

Vertical transport has a natural life cycle. Like any machinery its lifespan can be prolonged by refurbishing and modernisation of components, but there will eventually come a point of no return. Once a lift is no longer safe for use, the only solution is to replace it with a new model.

Passenger lifts that are in daily use are designed to be durable but their components will wear out over time. This was the case with the 2 stop lift at Alpla in Milton Keynes. It was breaking down regularly, costing a fortune in repairs and disrupting business. Tower Lifts engineers considered it beyond repair and recommended that it be removed and replaced with a new passenger lift.

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Passenger Lift Rip Out

Safe lift removal requires engineering expertise and experience. Tower Lifts has worked on projects similar to this nationally and internationally for nearly 2 decades, and is a trusted lift designer and installer. We worked closely with our client through the planning stages of the rip out phase. All our work complies with European lift regulations, Health and Safety (ISO 45001) and CDM 2015.

Throughout the process we take every precaution to control dust and any potential hazards to public safety. Once the lift is ripped out, the old lift mechanism and cabin structure is disposed of safely and – where at all possible – in an environmentally friendly way. Throughout the process we work to minimise disruption to the day-to-day activities of the building and staff.

Passenger Lift Installation

Tower Lifts specialises in the design and installation of bespoke passenger lift solutions that meet the unique requirements of individual clients. We take care to match our design to the operating environment, and to ensure that it supports and enhances the business it serves.

We installed a 2 stop, 8 person passenger lift for Alpla. The business now enjoys a reliable, high performance vertical transport service. The new passenger lift is quieter, more economic to run, and it provides a better experience for passengers. Most important, the stylish appearance of the lift has given the building’s interior a boost, and offers a favourable impression to visitors or clients.

passenger lift replacement milton keynes

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts provides lift design and installation of passenger lifts and platform lifts for the commercial and residential sectors in Milton Keynes. We offer a dedicated 24/7 lift repair service, and this can be rolled into our tailored maintenance and servicing contracts. As a ‘full service’ lift company, you can rely on the Tower Lifts team to provide comprehensive packages, whatever your requirements.

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