Case Study – Passenger Lift Install in Regents Park, London

Regent’s Park is home to a number of elegant neo-classical terraces originally designed by the architect John Nash. The luxurious residencies which make up these terraces are Grade 1 listed buildings, with enviable views of Royal Regent’s Park.

Lift design and installation isn’t always the most glamorous occupation, so the Tower Lifts team was delighted to win the contract for replacing a four-person residential passenger lift in one of the most prestigious postcodes in London.

Passenger Lift Installation regents park london

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Replacing a Passenger Lift in a Grade 1 Listed Building

Tower Lifts installers have experienced a variety of challenging locations, but a Grade 1 listed building is a unique proposition. The internal walls, flooring and stairs over 5 floors had to be fully protected from scuffs, chips or scrapes before we were able to start work.

We were replacing an existing passenger lift, which meant that the lift shaft was already in place. Our task was to supply and install the new lift without damaging the internal architecture in the process. It’s a discipline we adhere to on any install, to be honest, but in a house that was built in 1825, you feel the pressure!

Luxury Home Lifts

It’s maybe no surprise that a 5 storey London town house would have a passenger lift installed, but they’re becoming popular in a whole range of homes across the UK. A home lift enhances access for older people who want to future-proof their homes, and luxury home lifts will also add value to your home if you’re looking to sell.

Bespoke Residential Passenger Lifts

Tower Lifts has been designing and installing bespoke residential lifts for nearly two decades now. Our skilled and experienced lift engineers have worked in heritage properties, new builds and  architecturally designed properties. Whatever the environment we bring the same professionalism, creative innovation, and keen attention to detail and passenger safety.

Tower Lifts design and install bespoke luxury home lifts like our 4 person passenger lift install in Regent’s Park. For more info call 01525 601099