Case Study – Nine Lifts for One Portsoken Street

Case Study – Nine Lifts for One Portsoken Street

One Portsoken Street was originally built in the 1980s and its brutalist architectural style is considered an icon of that period. Perched on the edge of the City, it has connections with both the financial sector and the creative industries. In 2019 a massive upgrade of the building’s interior commenced; Tower Lifts is delighted to have been a part of it.

The interior re-optimisation included an upgrade of the infrastructure, and an optimisation of space to add an extra 30,000 square feet of floor space.

Tower Lifts works:

  • Removal of existing lifts
  • Installation of 6 passenger lifts
  • Installation of 2 firefighting lifts
  • Installation of 1 goods lift

Each lift travels through 11 floors.

Destination Control System

The 6 passenger lifts are controlled by a Destination Control System in order to increase the efficiency of their operation and reduce waiting times for passengers. High passenger volume is expected once all the building’s office space is filled, and this system ensures that passengers are transported quickly and safely to their destination.

Passengers enter their destination, and the Control Panel indicates which lift will fulfil their request. The system avoids crowded waiting areas, saves energy by reducing unnecessary lift stops, and optimises the use of available lifts.

The Tower Lifts Commitment

The Porsoken Street Design & Build was the largest of its kind in the UK. Its completion in early 2021 was a massive achievement for Oktra Office Design, and Tower Lifts played its part in bring the project in to deadline, and to our client’s satisfaction. As a leading London lift company, we are committed to providing high standards of work, efficient delivery, and completion to deadline on every job.

About Tower Lifts

For nearly two decades now, Tower Lifts has been designing and installing bespoke passenger lifts, platform lifts and goods lifts in London. We provide tailored maintenance and service contracts which include 24/7 emergency lift. Tower Lifts is a ‘full service’ lift company offering comprehensive packages.

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