Case Study – 2 Passenger Lifts for London Hotel


The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch was first opened in 2006 on the site of a disused car park – and ‘the rest is history’ as they say. Their boutique brand can now be found in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and Downtown LA , each one offering a unique insight into a local neighbourhood. In Shoreditch the hotel lobby is open 24 hours, inviting locals and guests to meet, enjoy a drink and soak up the Shoreditch vibe.

Tower Lifts is delighted, therefore, to be associated with this innovative ‘open house’ global brand.

2 Passenger Lifts for Hoxton Guests

The Tower Lifts team was asked to rip out and replace the hotel’s 2 passenger lifts. The logistical challenge was to manage this project without disrupting either the ambiance or the flow of guests staying at the hotel. Having installed passenger lifts in a number of prestigious London hotels previously, we have plenty of experience in managing this successfully.

The two lifts installed have different specifications. The first is a 4 stop, 8 person lift, and the second is an 8 stop, 8 person lift. Both have a custom finish which reflects the style and elegance of the hotel’s aesthetic. The dark wood latticed interior of the lift cabins is set off by delicately patterned inlaid tiled floor, and the elegant mirror which greets passengers using the transport.

About Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a leading provider of commercial passenger lifts in London. Over the past two decades we have designed and installed bespoke glass lifts for business, scenic lifts for hotels and luxury lifts for housing developments and office conversions across the capital. Our designers and installers blend technical skill with a wealth of experience gained nationally and globally. Best of all, we’re passionate about providing elegant, high performance vertical transport for London.

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