Case Study – 2 Lift Installs for Brock House, London

Brock House stands opposite the BBC Centre in London, and it’s quite a building. It started out as St James’ Hall in 1907, and was then renamed the Philharmonic Hall. Having been home to popular promenade concerts and early cinema shows, the building passed into the hands of the BBC in 1927. Which is when it was given its present name of Brock House.

Now Brock House is regenerating once again, this time under the auspices of the Office Group. ARJ Construction Ltd is delivering the redevelopment which comprises a new 2 storey roof extension, and a complete fit out throughout. Tower Lifts is delighted to have recently completed 2 lift installs for Brock House, London, for our clients ARJ, as part of its transformation.

Two Passenger Lift Installs

Tower Lifts engineers installed two 13 person, 2 stop passenger lifts. The design for the cabin, in line with the new building environment, is contemporary elegance. A mirror panel enhances the clean lines of the cabin interior, and the speckled, terrazzo flooring finish provides contrast.

One of the two lifts is a firefighting lift EN81-72. Whilst most lifts shut down in the event of a fire, a firefighting lift continues to operate in order to aid fire crews, rescue services and emergency evacuation. A firefighting lift differs from a passenger lift in the following ways:

  • Trap doors and ladders are integrated
  • There is an interface between the alarm system, fire detection and lift control
  • An emergency intercom and operation system is installed
  • It operates on a separate power supply
  • Electrical components in the cabin and shaft are protected from water

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a leading provider of commercial passenger lifts in London. For nearly two decades now we have grown our reputation for the design and installation of both standard and bespoke lifts across the capital. Our installs include office conversions, luxury hotels, residential lifts, platform lifts for schools and the heritage sector.

Our engineers provide Tower Lifts clients with a blend of technical skills and international experience. Most important, we remain passionate about the provision of high-quality, high performance vertical transport in London.

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