Car Elevators

Every day the struggle to park becomes more acute in the UK. We’re a small island with a growing number of cars – especially in cities – and the parking problem is becoming paramount. There are currently a growing number of technological solutions to this problem, and Tower Lifts design and installation team is delighted to be able to offer an innovative range of car elevators.

We design and install heavy duty goods lifts that have been adapted for exclusive use by cars or vehicles. In the majority of cases our designers create a bespoke car elevator solution for clients. Many of the projects involve the creation of access to underground or multi-storey parking facilities at the heart of the UK’s major cities.

1. Residential Car Elevators

Gone are the days when one car was enough to serve the needs of an entire family. Most contemporary family homes need room for at least two, and maybe as many as four cars on their driveway. One solution to the space problem is to create an underground parking area outside your house, with a car platform lift facilitating access from ground level down to the underground parking bay.

2. Garage & Showroom Car Lifts

Garages and car showrooms need to make the optimum use of the floor space they have. That means looking for a car elevator solution which is durable, reliable and easy to use. The Tower Lifts team have installed a range of hydraulic car lifts for this sector. These are able to lift loads between 3,000-10,000kg and can travel up to a maximum height of 24 meters.

3. Underground Car Park Lifts

Whilst access ramps are the current ‘go to’ option in London car parks, as space gets tighter the option to use car parking lifts becomes more attractive. Tower Lifts installs car lifts utilising either hydraulic or traction technology. We offer a fully bespoke service which designs around architectural constraints, and includes customisable branding, décor and control panels.

Our bespoke vehicle lifts can be fitted with:

  • External traffic lights
  • Car positioning systems
  • Access control systems
  • Bi-parting doors

4. Car Elevator With Turntable

It’s a common enough problem; drivers using parking facilities need to enter and exit the lift by the same door. Rather than requiring a reverse exit, the turntable lift offers an elegant end efficient solution. As the elevator ascends, or descends, the rotational platform will move the car through a 180° rotation to face the way it entered. The driver can leave the cabin quickly and efficiently without needing to manoeuvre.

Do you require a car elevator? Call the Tower Lifts team today on 01525 601099 for more information.

Car lift maintenance and installersMaintenance and Repairs for Car Elevators

Our heavy duty car elevators are guaranteed to withstand a heavy volume of usage, over regular and prolonged periods. The outstanding performance we aim for is, however, predicated on regular maintenance and servicing. Tower Lifts provides a tailored maintenance contract for clients, whether your elevator was supplied by us or not. Our maintenance engineers work to prevent avoidable breakdowns, and prolong the life of your car elevator.

Should you experience a lift breakdown, our 24/7 emergency repair team will be with you promptly. Experienced breakdown engineers will diagnose the problem efficiently and get your elevator working again as quickly as possible. In the majority of cases we’re able to make instant repairs.

Tower Lifts is a Bespoke Car Lift Company

Tower Lifts has an enviable reputation when it comes to bespoke elevator design and installation. Lift design never stands still, and much of the work our design team does is about anticipating future trends. As UK cities become ever more crowded, there’s going to need to be a whole range of solutions available to maximise the space available. Tower Lifts can be relied upon to have the lift solutions we need when it comes to bespoke car parking.

Many of our clients are already talking to us about utilising the land outside their homes to create a space for underground car parking. Our design team will always carry out a detailed inspection of your property before offering a vertical transport solution. We’re known for being able to provide creative responses to even the most intransigent of challenges – and our designers don’t like to be beaten!

If you’re looking for innovative car elevator solutions in London, call Tower Lifts today on 01525 601099 to talk about our bespoke car lift designs.

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