Birmingham Lift Refurbishment Brings Old Buildings Back to Life

Back in the nineteenth century, when the modern elevator was still seen as a novel way to transport people from one floor to another without the inconvenience of stairs, the UK’s second city – Birmingham – was enjoying its heyday as the industrial heart of the world. Little wonder then that the city embraced the innovative passenger lift, and even today there are plenty of Victorian buildings across Birmingham with stylish early-20
th century passenger lift cabins, although the mechanisms have been thoroughly refurbished to meet current regulations.

What is Birmingham Lift Refurbishment?Birmingham Lift Refurbishment

Birmingham lift modernisation and refurbishment provides an alternative to ripping out lifts from older buildings, and installing new ones. One of the advantages to Birmingham lift refurbishment is, of course, the price; repairs and replacement parts can be scheduled incrementally. Equally important, though, is the affection with which older passenger lifts are now regarded. Replacing old with new can shift the style and aesthetic of the building, whereas a period lift passenger cabin with the mirrors, floors and lighting replaced retains the elegance and style of the original, whilst offering smooth and efficient transport, minus the creaks and groans.


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Professional Elevator Refurbishment in Birmingham

Whilst many of our clients cite reliability and performance as their top reasons for requesting a lift refurbishment diagnostic from us, we will also ensure that our upgrade recommendations meet the current health and safety, and disability discrimination regulations. These are legal requirements entailing various adaptations including hand-rails, regular testing for stopping accuracy, audible controls, and destination announcements. Our Midland lift service engineers provide our clients with a list of upgrades, lift repairs and maintenance issues, which they will discuss and prioritise, before scheduling the work in a way that suits the daily routines of the passengers, and our client’s budget.

Birmingham Lift Modernisation by Skilled and Experienced Engineers


Our lift upgrade team have over fifteen years of working to the highest standards when it comes to lift modernisation/lift refurbishment. Our primary concern is always for the safety and comfort of passengers, and our diagnostics will reflect that. One of our great pleasures at Tower Lifts is to breathe new life into an elevator that has been subject to years of neglect, and watch the transformative effect a modernised lift can have on both the passengers, and the building itself.

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