Tower Lifts — The Leading Birmingham Food Lift Installers

Tower Lifts has developed a reputation for providing & installing world-class dumbwaiter lifts. We are also the leading installers of commercial dumbwaiters in all of the UK’s major cities including Birmingham, we often install food lifts for Birmingham businesses and homes, using advanced lift technologies that are reliable and affordable.

We have completed Birmingham dumbwaiter installations in many types of locations, including restaurants, bars, retail stores, and private residences. Each installation is carefully planned to match the requirements of the business or home, with a strong focus on efficiency and safety.

One of our recent projects in Birmingham was for the popular shoe company called Schuh. We installed two inclined conveyor systems for Schuh’s store at the Fort Shopping Centre. This installation will help staff move products between floors quickly and efficiently — greatly improving their productivity and service delivery. 

Here is a little more information about commercial dumbwaiters and some of the reasons why Tower Lifts are the best Birmingham food lift installers.

About Our Dumbwaiter Lifts

Dumbwaiter lift systems were first developed in New York in the 1800s. They were mainly used to transport goods between the kitchen or storage areas of a building and the other floors. 

The earliest dumbwaiter lifts were simple in design, with a lift shaft, ropes and pulleys, and a small cabin. By the 1920’s electric motors were often used to operate dumbwaiter lifts and they became capable of lifting heavier items. They were brought to the UK around this time, where they were often used in restaurants and bars.

Modern-day dumbwaiter lifts have become quite sophisticated. They often include security features, automation, and advanced safety features. They can be integrated into virtually any home or business, thanks to clever new technologies that reduce the space that is required for the lift to operate.

In addition to being found in restaurants and bars, dumbwaiters have become popular for owners of multi-story homes and retail stores. A dumbwaiter makes moving items between floors much easier and eliminates the risk of carrying heavy items on a staircase.

If you are in need of Birmingham Food Lift Installers then please give us a call, we have a team of experts ready to help!

Commercial Birmingham Food Lifts

Tower Lifts often installs technologically advanced food lifts for Birmingham restaurants, bars and retail stores. We specialise in bespoke commercial dumbwaiter installations, that are perfectly matched to a client’s requirements.

Our Birmingham dumbwaiter installations can be customised to include advanced security tools including biometric access controls, card readers, and electronic keypads. We can also install additional safety features to ensure your staff and family members are kept safe. 

Our food lifts are designed to be extremely quiet and smooth. This helps to ensure meals placed on the carriage make it to their destination in perfect condition. They are also built to be extremely reliable — which is particularly important in a busy commercial environment like a bar or restaurant.

The appearance of our dumbwaiter installations can be altered to match the aesthetics of your home or place of business. Even the internal cabin can be fitted out to resemble the building in which it is placed!

Lift Repairs for Birmingham

Tower Lifts is also the leading company for lift repairs for Birmingham. We can quickly diagnose and repair any issues that your food lift has — essential when the lift is installed in a busy commercial location.

If you require Birmingham food lift installers, looking no further than Tower Lifts!

We regularly perform Birmingham dumb waiter installations and service all suburbs in-and-around the city, including Moseley, Digbeth, The Jewellery Quarter & Kings Heath

In addition to our Food lift Installations, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout the UK including:

Platform Lifts • Food Lifts •  Service Lifts • Step Lifts • Goods Lifts • Scenic Lifts • Heavy Duty / Car Lifts • Low Pit / Pitless Lifts • Passenger Lifts • Dumbwaiter Lifts • MRL Lifts • Fire Evac lifts • Domestic Lifts