Bespoke Platform lifts

Bespoke platform lifts are an excellent creative solution when you want to improve accessibility without ruining the aesthetics of your surroundings. Bespoke platform lifts allow for accessibility to be improved without compromising on the style or décor that already exists within the installation space.

Our range of bespoke platform lifts and recessed platform lifts are ideal for heritage buildings and older institutions that would benefit from having platform lifts camouflaged to blend into their existing surroundings.

It is not only older buildings that may require a bespoke platform lift

With our range of different designs that include railings and gates made from stainless steel and glass, our bespoke platform lifts can be seamlessly integrated into modern office designs, contemporary galleries, museums, as well as other public spaces.

Tower Lifts can offer recessed platform lift designs that have hidden safety barriers and are perfect for outdoor installations that will not ruin the surroundings as permanent fixtures can often do.

Our bespoke platform lifts can be installed inside and outside and tailored to fit your needs

With a lifting height of up to 3 metres and a maximum carry weight of 350kg, our experienced and professional designers can create an ideal bespoke platform lift that can be recessed into the floor or integrated into staircases, as required.

When integrated into staircases, our bespoke platform lifts become invisible until activated via the control switch. The stairs are then automatically converted into a platform that can be operated using the directional control panel.

The Leading Supplier of Bespoke Platform lifts

Whether you are looking for a creative bespoke platform lift solution, require maintenance on a existing installation or would like to speak to us about our comprehensive platform lift options, call or e-mail our customer service team today to discuss your requirements.