Tower Lifts invited to install bespoke passenger lift at Glyndebourne


Here at Tower Lifts we’re thrilled to announce our latest project, a bespoke passenger lift for Glyndebourne Opera House.

This world-famous opera venue, nestled in the East Sussex countryside, hosts over 120 performances per year and welcomes an average of 150,000 guests to see such names as Kate Royal, Joan Sutherland and John Pritchard. Home of the annual Glyndebourne Festival, the opera house stands next to the home of John Christie, the man who founded Glyndebourne in 1934.

Glyndebourne’s management wanted to install an external passenger lift to the building, To provide access to three floors, giving guests unrivalled access to all the facilities.

However, due to the nature of the building and its status as a venue of culture and arts, they were looking for a beautifully designed bespoke passenger lift to complement the grounds and décor. Tower Lifts were thrilled to be offered the opportunity to work on such an exclusive project, and we quickly presented them with our plans for a unique, bespoke passenger lift made of steel and curved glass. Designed to nestle on the side of the building and work in harmony with the existing curves and style of architecture, with the lift pit sunk below ground level and disguised by strategic planting to minimise disruption to the gardens, the lift covers three stops as required, and can carry a maximum of 13 people.

Due to take place in January 2016, this project will be a serious undertaking, but one we are really looking forward to. If you are looking to improve access in your building or venue for guests or staff, then a bespoke passenger lift designed to suit your requirements and environment could be just the answer.

We’re always happy to talk through your requirements, so please feel free to get in touch today.