Bespoke Lift Design London

Providing Bespoke Lift Design in London

Perhaps the biggest business discovery of the 21st century is that one size doesn’t fit all. Modern consumers expect tailored business solutions, deliveries and shopping experiences. Exactly the same goes for the vertical transport sector. It’s rare now that the Tower Lifts team installs a ‘standard’ lift. Most of the work we do is about creating bespoke lift design for London clients and across the UK.

Over the past two decades Tower Lifts has created a range of bespoke lift design in London for residential, commercial and retail clients. These include scenic lifts, Platform Lifts, Passenger Lifts and Dumbwaiter lifts. The reasons for requesting bespoke design are as various as the lifts we install, but there are 5 common concerns that Tower Lifts designs address:

1. Lack of Space, or Difficult Space

In London space is at a premium, so many businesses are operating in small or converted office spaces. Where a lift is required, there may be enough room for the lift itself, but not for a lift shaft. Where this is the case our designers will assess the space available, and offer recommendations. We may suggest using platform lift or machinery directive technology as a solution.

2. Wheelchair Access

Since 1999 businesses in the UK have been required to ensure that wheelchair users can access their building. For the majority of retailers, museums, heritage properties and theatre venues this has meant the installation of a platform lift. The technology used in platform lifts provides the starting point for innovative design, even in small spaces, or architecturally challenged locations.

3. Residential Installations

The growth of the home lift has been phenomenal over the past 20 years. This is largely due to two factors. First residential lift prices have become more competitive. Second, more and more families are future-proofing their homes. London homes come in many shapes and sizes, and our designers will always take into account the clients’ requirements, rather than just going for the simplest solution.

4. Restricted Access Control

Tower Lifts has designed a number of lifts that – for security reasons – are required to limit access. In order to achieve this we fit the lift with an access control system. The only way to access this lift is by using a card which is distributed to specified holder only. Controlled access lifts are used for residential blocks of flats, or for buildings with restricted access areas.

5. Unique Lifts

Hotels are always in competition with each other, and lifts are a powerful battleground. Hotel owners use bespoke lift design in London to celebrate a view of the city with scenic lifts, thrill at the height of the building with glass lifts, or enjoy the luxurious passenger cabin features.

Tower Lifts for Bespoke Lift Design In London

Tower Lifts is a lift company with a passion for lift design. We love a challenge, and we haven’t been beaten yet. Building professional relationships with our clients is key to delivering the bespoke lift designs our London clients require. Our team of skilled and experienced designers and installers provides a highly personalised service, therefore. The team you work with will remain constant throughout, and will guarantee high quality standards in every aspect of the work.

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Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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