Elevator Interior Design

At Tower Lifts  much of our work involves creating bespoke lifts for a home environment, heritage centre, school or a hotel. We spend a good deal of time working out what our client wants the lift to do, where it will be located, and how it will be installed. Our final task is to determine how the elevator interior will look and what the passenger experience will be.

The cabin interior design requires thought about texture, materials, colours and features. The basic components of an elevator cabin are:

  • Panels or Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Floor
  • Door Skins
  • Control Panel
  • Lighting

Each of these components can be customised to suit our clients’ desired aesthetic. The most popular lift interior finishes we use are: wood, leather, laminate, glass, mirror, or metal. Door skins are often used to provide a seamless branding experience for passengers.

How Do I Decide on an Appropriate Elevator Interior Design?

Whilst there are plenty of Tower Lifts clients who thoroughly enjoy deciding on lift interior finishes, there are many others who are bemused by the process. To help with the interior design process, our lift design and installation team use a series of 5 questions to provide focus:

1. Who Are Your Passengers?

Knowing who will be using the lift clarifies the décor that would be appropriate. If you’re installing an elevator in a block of luxury apartments, your passengers will have certain expectations. A busy lift in a builders’ merchants would generate something quite different. Putting yourself in your passengers’ shoes is a great way to make decisions about lift interior finishes.

2. What Will the Elevator be Used For?

If the elevator is primarily primarily for passengers, the ‘look’ is likely to be a fairly high priority. If its use is more about moving things, or providing access for people with impaired mobility, the emphasis shifts to ergonomics. We always work out the practical requirements of the lift interior as an element of the design as a whole.

3. Does it Carry the Brand Values?

This is a particularly important question if you’re designing or refurbishing a lift interior in a hotel, or company headquarter. The elevator cabin tends to be the first impression guests get of the company or brand. A poorly maintained passenger cabin, or décor that’s out of step with the rest of the building, can easily make a negative impression.

4. What’s Your Maintenance Regime

Many of our clients love the idea of mirrored walls, until they consider who’ll be cleaning them every day. Elevator interiors need to be maintained regularly to keep them looking good. If it’s only going to get cleaned once a week, you’ll need to factor that in to your design choices.

5. What’s the Refurbishment Routine?

Big companies rebrand regularly, which means the lift cabins get regular makeovers. For most of us, however, a lift refurbishment happens less regularly. If you know it’ll be 5 years before the décor changes, it makes your choice of finishes more pragmatic.

Tower Lifts for Bespoke Lift Interior Finishes

We’re a leading UK lift installer and designer because we pay attention to detail, and that includes our lift interiors. Our goal is always to leave our clients with an elevator that provides an excellent passenger experience. That means high performance transport, reliable technology, and a design that fits the purpose and aesthetic required.

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