What are the Benefits of Machine Room-Less Lifts

The machine room-less lift was introduced in the mid 1990s, thanks to the development of the permanent magnet motor (PMM). These small motors allowed all the machinery to be located in the lift shaft, rather than in a machine room at the top of the shaft. This advance saves space, cuts construction costs, and saves up to 50% of energy consumption.

MRL lifts can be either hydraulic or traction. For traction lifts the machine is installed either in the headroom or the pit. For hydraulic lifts it’s mounted in a slim cabinet located next to the lift shaft. Whilst both models are available for use, the traction machine room-less lift tends to be the default option as they tend to be faster, and more energy efficient.

 Key Benefits of Machine Room-Less Lifts

  1. Space Saving – this is the benefit that is most often talked about in relation to MRL lifts. In conventional lifts the machine room is normally located on the roof. Removing the need of a rooftop construction cuts construction costs, makes the installation process much simpler, and saves the space taken up by your lift.
  2. Energy Saving – the use of permanent-magnet machines reduces the amount of energy used significantly. If your lift is traction, you’ll eliminate the need for oils or leakages that have been a concern for a while now. Also, MRL lifts generate far less heat than conventional systems. This reduces the need for cooling systems, and lessens energy usage.
  3. Safe & Reliable – the machine room-less lift offers the same high performance as a conventional lift. The machine room-less technology has been tested exhaustively by a range of industry stakeholders and a full risk analysis has been carried out. The model has been accepted by safety experts and no safety concerns have been raised in practice.

Where Would You Install Machine Room-Less Lifts?

This particular model is ideal for low to mid-rise buildings. The Tower Lifts team has found them to be particularly suited to offices, residential care homes or small hotels. They’re popular in these contexts because they take up less room than a conventional lift, whilst offering an equivalent standard of performance and service. They’re also extremely quiet when running, which suits a hushed/working environment.

If you are interested in finding out more about installing a machine room-less lift in your home or work environment, call our lift engineers today on 01525 601099

Advice and Guidance on Machine Room-Less Lifts

Many of our domestic clients are concerned that installing a lift could be increasing their carbon footprint. The MRL lift provides a perfect solution and also guarantees a low energy usage once it’s installed. The Tower Lifts design team will be only too happy to through the benefits of the MRL lift in order to help you to decide whether or not it’s the right option for you.

Why Work With Tower Lifts?

As one of the UK’s leading designers and installers of lifts, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide efficient vertical transport for our clients. Our factory trained engineers have over 15 years’ experience in lift design, installation, and maintenance. We always place passenger safety at the heart of all we do, and we are a ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all Lift Regulations.

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