Home Lifts in London


Wheelchair Users benefit from Home Lifts

We have been busier than ever installing home lifts in London, as wheelchair users, or indeed people who struggle to climb stairs or reach a different level begin to realise the enormous benefits to their lives. Becoming dependant on a wheelchair is a life-changing experience, and we believe that everything possible should be done to ensure the user is able to continue to live their life as normal.

Home Lifts in London don’t have to cost the earth

Previously, many disabled people thought that they would have to be confined to the downstairs of their home, and lots of people chose to move to bungalows for convenience. However, one option can be frustrating and soul-destroying, while the other can take time and cost a lot of money. Installing home lifts in London is a great alternative since it allows wheelchair and less abled users complete access to their homes without making any major changes to the living space. It can sometimes seem like an expensive option, but in reality it costs a lot less than moving home.

home lift in london

Lift Repairs in London are not always a big investment

It is easier than ever to get your home lift installed in your London property. Our residential lifts are also ideal for other environments where space or other conditions prevent the installation of a conventional elevator. There is no need to make any structural changes to your building to make room for your domestic lift, although of course that is an option if preferred. However, most people want a self-supported through-floor lift that can be constructed quickly with minimum disruption.

Tower Lifts can provide assistance with broken down home lifts in London too

Some people could have concerns about the cost of lift repair once it is installed. However, we offer an excellent repair service, and carry out regular maintenance to our home lifts in London, minimising the amount of repairs that will be needed. We have a wealth of experience fixing faulty lifts in places such as MayfairChelseaKnightsbridge,  Totteridge, Richmond-upon-Thames, St John’s Wood, Maida ValeWimbledonHadley Wood and other areas.

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