Access Lifts for Heritage and Historic Buildings

Specialist Access Lifts for Heritage and Historic Buildings

In the UK we’re rightly proud of our historic legacy, which often takes the form of historic houses, castle ruins, palaces, gardens, and monuments. Most of us take our access to this cultural heritage for granted, but if you’re in a wheelchair it can be a problem. After all, lifts weren’t invented when Hampton Court, or Blenheim Palace was built.

Everyone involved in maintaining our heritage agrees that these sites should be open and accessible to all. The challenge lies in providing access lifts for heritage and historic buildings without impacting the historic environment in which they are installed. The Tower Lifts team has a reputation for creating bespoke lift design that seamlessly integrate with its contextual environment. And we love the challenge of working in historic buildings.

The Challenges Posed By Historic Buildings

Historic buildings pose a unique challenge for both wheelchair users, and the designers of access lifts:

  • Passageways tend to be uneven.
  • Historic houses can provide frequent changes of levels.
  • The ground may be uneven, cobbled or disrupted by obstacles.
  • Doorways may be narrow, and stairways are often spiral or curved.

The Work of Tower Lifts Designers

Our job, when working on historic sites, is to create ease of access for wheelchair users, without changing the aesthetic of the environment in the process. Our lifts, therefore, need to meet the Building Regulations for Listed Buildings, the Equality Act 2010 regulations, as well as maintaining the historic look and feel of the environment.

In order to achieve this, Tower Lifts designers work closely with the owners or site custodians in order to achieve the design solution that works best for users and conservators. We will always try to find a way to offer maximum access, however challenging the environment we’re working in.

Access Lifts for Heritage and Historic Buildings – 2 Case Studies

One of the things we love about working with the heritage sector is that every installation is different, requiring a unique solution from the Tower Lifts specialists:

1. Passenger Lift Replacement in a Grade 1 Listed London Building

This Regent’s Park town house had been fitted with an historic lift. We were asked to remove the original 4-person passenger lift from the existing lift shaft and replace it with a modernised version. The challenge was to achieve this task without altering or damaging the internal architecture of this 1825 Grade 1 Listed building.

Heritage Lift Installer
Bespoke Lift Design London

2. Art Deco Passenger Lift in Balham

Irene House in Balham is an Art Deco building, constructed in the 1940s, which for decades languished in its function as government offices. Recently it has been restored to its former glory in order to provide luxury apartment housing. Tower Lifts installed a 6 stop, 8-person lift reflecting the elegance of the art deco style throughout the building.

About Tower Lifts

For nearly two decades now, the Tower Lifts design and installation team has been providing bespoke passenger lifts, and platform lifts to the heritage sector. We provide 24/7 emergency lift repairs which is included in our tailored maintenance and servicing contracts. Tower Lifts is a ‘full service’ lift company offering comprehensive packages, whatever your requirements.

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