Dumbwaiters in London


Installing A Touch Of Class With Dumbwaiters In London 

Although the majority of our trade involves passenger lift systems, we are often approached to install dumbwaiters in London and beyond. Our most recent project involved installing a dumbwaiter system in London’s exclusive Mayfair district.

Incredibly simple in their design, and integral to the smooth operation of restaurants and catering establishments across the country, dumbwaiters, also known as food lifts or Service Lifts have a long history and a design honed by over 120 years of use. Dumbwaiter Lift Systems were first introduced in New York in the late 1800s, as a system of transportation for goods in restaurants between floors and up from the kitchen areas. Their basic structure involved a shaft, a cart  and a movement method, originally a manually operated system of ropes and pulleys, which was replaced by electrical motors in the 1920s. Dumbwaiters in London appeared not long after, and have remained integral to the smooth running of hundreds of establishments ever since.


Dumb waiter lift London

Dumbwaiters in London

The usefulness of the humble dumbwaiter lift doesn’t apply to only restaurants

They can be equally practical when installed in retail and even residential properties as an easy way of transporting small goods between floors. We were recently contacted to design and install a pair of dumbwaiters into a high end residential property in London’s exclusive Mayfair. The custom built companion lift system was needed to run from the kitchen area at basement level to the dining room on a higher floor. After consulting with the client and measuring up during a site visit, we designed and manufactured a pair of bespoke dumbwaiter lifts which fitted into the existing shaft space restrictions. The lifts ran smoothly and quietly, and provided an elegant and professional solution of transportation for our clients, who were thrilled with the installation.

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