Lift Upgrade in Milton Keynes

A Lift Upgrade in Milton Keynes Can Improve Performance and Save You Money

Mostly we find ourselves writing about our recent installations of brand new state-of-the-art lifts for clients in the commercial, residential or public sector in Milton Keynes but – given that around 50% of the working lifts in the UK are over 25 years old – we also spend a good deal of our time assessing older lifts for upgrading. Many of our upgrades clients have inherited older lifts in poor condition, but we also have customers who despite having carefully maintained their vertical transport over the years now realise that more is needed in order to improve performance, mitigate against costly repairs, meet current legislation requirements and overhaul tired passenger cabin décor.

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Lift Upgrading is Cost-Effective for Clients

Lift upgrades comprise a schedule of selective refurbishment concentrating upon the areas where attention is most required – normally we find ourselves replacing or refurbishing door controllers and operators. This is a cost-effective option allowing controlled expenditure which can be phased over a period of months; should you wish to replace worn décor, for example, but find that the budget is tight, we can schedule urgent work first and complete the aesthetic upgrade at a time that suits your budget better.

Why Choose a Lift Upgrade in Milton Keynes?

There are numerous reasons why customers choose lift upgrading. We offer a range of options which will often be combined in order to transform the performance of your vertical transport and ensure it meets optimum operating standards:

Lift Upgrade Milton Keynes

Disability Discrimination Act Upgrade – we offer a lift survey, report and costed recommendations to ensure that your installation meets the latest DDA legislation.

Health and Safety Upgrade – this sits at the heart of all our installations. We offer assessments of older lifts and provide a detailed schedule of any upgrades required in order to meet current safety standards.

Lift Reliability Upgrade – a lift that can’t be relied upon for vertical access will often ‘scare’ passengers off and cause inconvenience to those most in need of its services. Tower Lifts can assess and advise on the components urgently in need of replacement, and schedule lift upgrading in order to restore flawless reliability.

Lift Performance Upgrade – older lifts tend to develop creaks, rattles and faulty buttons which accentuate the age of the installation and diminish passengers’ faith in its performance. Tower Lifts can survey older lifts and provide a clear diagnosis of performance oriented faults, together with a clear schedule for necessary repairs, replacements and refurbishments.

Lift Décor Upgrade – old fashioned, tired, and ill-maintained lift décor creates a poor impression and can prove an invitation to vandalism and graffiti. We can upgrade your cabin interior either by refurbishing the existing décor, or by creating a new contemporary feel to the transport.

Lift modernisation in Milton Keynes can be scheduled to suit your budget and your busy timetable. Our design and installation team understand the pressures on businesses and we are happy to work with you to find the solution that suits your needs.

If you have a lift installed in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire or elsewhere which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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