A Lift Upgrade for London


Whilst it’s easy to take vertical transport for granted, a quick scan of the sheer volume of lifts in use across London is a reminder of the impact they have made on our lives. The oldest London elevator still in use, was installed in Claridges, Mayfair in 1896, and this beautiful OTUS model still looks stunning, and offers an excellent transport experience for visitors to the hotel.

 Lift Upgrade Prolongs Service Life

The lift in Claridges continues to work because it has been lovingly maintained. A series of upgrades have transformed the manually operated original into a delightful reminder of the hotel’s luxurious heritage for 21st century passengers. Most upgrades lack the charm of the Claridges example, but they all seek the same conclusion; extended life of an existing lift, rather than a lift replacement.

Do you require a lift upgrade company? Call the Tower Lifts lift team today on 01525 601099 to find out more on our lift services.

How do You Know When it’s Time For a Lift Upgrade London?

There’s no one symptom that alerts you to the need for a lift upgrade. It’s normally a number of symptoms that grow, until there’s too many to be ignored. These will normally include:

  • Concerns that the lift is no longer compliant with current health and safety standards
  • Spare parts are becoming hard to come by
  • It’s way beyond budget on repairs
  • Passengers are complaining about creaks, judders and unreliability
  • The cabin looks dirty and shabby
  • The lift doors look old.
  • Passengers are complaining that the lift isn’t DDA compliant.

If you’re nodding your head at just one of those symptoms, it’s time to acknowledge that your lift needs some care and attention.

A Recommended Lift Company for London

Tower Lifts has been restoring worn out lifts for over a decade now. It’s rare that our skilled engineers are unable to carry out a lift upgrade in London. More often we carry out a thorough inspection and then present a schedule of repairs and components replacements which will keep your lift running reliably, increase energy efficiency, and ensure passenger safety and access.

Lift Maintenance is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Repairs

A lift upgrade for your London lift is certainly a cheaper option than replacing it. Once you have it restored to optimum performance, however, Tower Lifts engineers will recommend that you consider a tailored maintenance package going forward. An annual service ensures ongoing passenger safety, provides running repairs, and gives you timely alerts when lift components need replacing. In the long run it’s a much cheaper alternative to costly emergency call-outs.

Tower Lifts Provide Lift Services Across London

We’re proud to have been a part of London’s lift infrastructure for 15 years now and we’ve made our mark in a number of the capital’s hotels. We have recently installed passenger lifts in the London Moorgate Hotel, the Cumberland, and in the historic St Paul’s Hotel in Hammersmith. Each one reflected the technology, grace and elegance of lift design in the 21st century – and with regular lift upgrades they could still be providing vertical transport for passengers 122 years from now.

If you need lift maintenance in London, call us today on 01525 601099 and talk to one of our friendly engineers about creating a bespoke package for your needs.

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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