A Lift Company You Can Trust

For nearly two decades now, Tower Lifts has been designing, installing, maintaining, refurbishing, repairing and inspecting lifts across the length and breadth of the UK. We take pride in the fact that over nearly 20 years, we have held firm to four guiding principles we decided upon when we started out as a lift company:

  1. Quality Solutions. Highly skilled and experienced lift engineers working on every job, large or small, to maintain the very highest standards of safety and performance.
  2. Innovative Design. Our bespoke designs create innovative solutions for environments presenting spatial or architectural challenges.
  3. Exceptional Durability. We choose to work with manufacturers who have a reputation for quality, compliance, and durability.
  4. Prompt Project Delivery. The Tower Lifts team is known for completing to deadline, and coming in on budget.

A Leading Lift Company Offering a Range of Solutions

Vertical transport powers the commercial sector in the UK, but it’s also the unsung hero of extended access for the elderly and disabled. We’re have developed a comprehensive range of lift solutions for leisure, retail, commercial, corporate, healthcare and educational settings.

High Performance Passenger Lifts

Probably the first thing everyone thinks of when they imagine a lift is the hotel lobby, or office block reception. As a passenger lift company we still install the traditional model, of course, but the range of passenger lifts has increased massively over the past decade. We’ve enjoyed working on experiential scenic lifts for clients, sleek glass lifts for elegant buildings, and luxury home lifts for residential apartments.

Beautifully Adaptable Platform Lifts

The platform lift is close to the hearts of the Tower Lift team. We’ve seen the technology develop dazzlingly fast in this area. As a result, we’ve been able to change the lives of many disabled and mobility impaired passengers. Platform lifts don’t require a lift shaft, which is why they’re so popular as an access enhancement for residential, retail or commercial environments. We design and install bespoke, or standard platform lifts for even the most challenging environment.

Smooth and Efficient Goods Lifts

We install goods lifts for a variety of items, from laundry, to fresh food, to hot dinners to cars. These are the broad shoulders of the commercial sector. They keep stairways clear, employees fit and healthy, and productivity high. As a goods lift company we’ve even had our goods lifts featured by JD Sports. The famous chain asked us to design a solution to save employees having to fetch stock from the store-room. Three of our dumbwaiters now take pride of place in the Leeds store.

Keeping the UK Moving

Alright, so we don’t literally do that – but we like to think that we play our part. Every single day Tower Lifts engineers are keeping passengers safe, getting broken lifts moving again, and modernising outdated components. Best of all, we remain passionate about what we do. Our work is always challenging, creative and professionally exacting – we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tower Lifts provides a comprehensive range of UK lift services including design, installation, maintenance and repairs. To find out more, call us on 01525 601099