A Lift Company for Sussex Serving the Domestic and Commercial Sector

The beautiful county of Sussex combines breath-taking countryside, lively seaside towns, great universities and unique historical sites. This diverse and often surprising county has provided Tower Lifts with plenty of challenges over the years, and we’ve worked with clients requiring vertical transport in historical houses, shopping centres, hotels, domestic settings, schools and offices. As a lift company serving Sussex, we’re always delighted to be asked for a lift solution that requires skill and ingenuity, and the residents of Sussex have thrown a few curved balls our way – we are happy to report that there hasn’t yet been one client we’ve had to disappoint!

A Commercial Lift Company for Sussex

Across the county we have gained a reputation as platform lift installers who are able to provide elegant and flexible solutions which maximise access to public facilities. Clients enjoy working with Tower Lifts because we are a bespoke platform lift installer. Rather than requiring that clients’ premises adapt to the standard lift offering; we begin by considering how we could adapt our platform lifts to the operating environment we find ourselves in. Whether you’re looking to enhance access up a short flight of steps, a curved – or even spiral – staircase, or vertically between floors, Tower Lifts is a lift company that specialises in creating lift solutions that will integrate with the surroundings, provide an excellent passenger experience, and enhance access for users with limited mobility.

A Domestic Lift Company for Sussex

A Lift Company for Sussex

As bespoke platform lift installers we regularly encounter older family members who are worrying about being able to maintain access to all areas of their home as they get older. There are a number of anxieties around considering the installation of lifts in the home; they’ll dominate the environment with ugly machinery, they’ll be difficult to install, or they’ll require endless maintenance. We work through all these concerns by making our clients partners in the design decisions. Our flexible, state-of-the-art platform lifts can be finished to integrate seamlessly with the style and décor of a home environment, and contemporary platform lift design is discreet and elegant. Far from being an eyesore, many of our platform lifts become features to be shown off to family and friends.

Serving a county like Sussex means being platform lift installers who bring creativity, innovation, and engineering excellence to every job – find out what we can create for your environment.

If you require a Lift Company for Sussex that can install, repair & maintain your lift solutions. Then contact Tower Lifts! We have a team of experts ready and willing to help you


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Our Lift team in Sussex can design and install a varied range of lifts throughout the area including:

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