5 Common Lift Problems

5 Common Lift Problems

Why is the Lift Not Working?

Lifts are complex systems involving electrics, hydraulics, and engineering components. When the Tower Lifts repair team is called out, therefore, we need to carry out diagnostics before making assumptions about what the problem is. Having said that, some issues crop up far more often than others. In this article, we take a look at 5 common lift problems.

5 Common Lift Problems

  1. Lift Doors Sticking
  2. There’s a Power Failure
  3. Oil Contamination
  4. Lift Misalignment With Floor
  5. Loud Clunking or Squealing

1. Lift Doors Sticking

It’s classic movie drama; the doors in a lift get stuck and the passengers are forced to climb through the trapdoor in the cabin to escape. Rest assured – that’s not how it happens in real life! Lift doors sticking presents a technical and a human problem in one go, and passengers are urged to do as little as possible whilst waiting for the engineers to arrive.

Best practice is to have one person calling the breakdown and lift repair service, whilst another maintains constant communication with anyone in the lift cabin. Trying to prise the doors open, or repeatedly pressing the buttons on the control panel could make things worse. It’s best to let them know that lift engineers are on their way and will be able to deal with the issue efficiently.

Lift Doors Sticking

2. There’s Power Failure

There are numerous reasons why power failure occurs, and many of them are out of the building manager’s immediate control. Fire evacuation lifts are required to have backup power supplies to keep the lift working in case of a power cut. Public building lifts may have a UPS secondary power supply. Home lifts use battery power, or a manual override to get passengers to safety.

In the UK, lifts are required to be fitted with emergency communication devices. EN81-1 and EN81-2 offer clear guidance on installing a communication line to allow a trapped passenger to call for help in the event of a power cut.

3. Oil Contamination

Lift parts are subject to wear and tear over the years, and this can cause small particles to fall away and contaminate the motor oil. This could be the source of ongoing problems for lift function. You may be alerted to this by the sudden presence of an unpleasant odour which could be from the motor. Alternatively, if the lift is struggling to move up or down, contamination could be the problem.

An oil analysis will test for contaminants in the oil and determine whether or not it is the source of the problem.

Lift Misalignment With Floor

4. Lift Misalignment With Floor

When a lift comes to a stop, the floor of the cabin should be level with the floor outside the cabin door. This avoids passengers with impaired mobility from experiencing difficulty when entering or leaving the lift. Incorrect levelling can be the cause of accidents, therefore.

Lift repair engineers will check a number of possible causes for this problem:

  • A worn control panel.
  • Excess loads carried.
  • Loss of pressure (in hydraulic lifts).
  • Poor braking capacity.

5. Loud Clunking or Squealing

This is a common problem with lifts, and it should be dealt with sooner rather than later. The sounds you are hearing indicate that a component is loose or worn out. A potential cause of the unpleasant sounds is a bearing malfunction. Bearings are part of the motor, and they allow it to function frictionlessly. A malfunctioning bearing will create a grinding or screeching sound and can lead to motor failure.

Regularly Maintained Lifts Breakdown Less

The risk of encountering these 5 common lift problems can be minimised with regular lift servicing and preventative maintenance. Tower Lifts provides lift maintenance contracts that are tailored to the type of lifts you have, their age, function and positioning in the building. Lift breakdown and repairs are incorporated into the contract to ensure prompt emergency assistance 24/7.

Tower Lifts – A Repairs and Maintenance Company

Tower Lifts engineers have been providing UK-wide breakdown and lift repair, and maintenance since 2006. Our factory trained engineers have experience with most models, and we are happy to carry out maintenance audits on legacy lifts. We are a ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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