5 Benefits of Lift Modernisation

One of the questions we get asked most is: How long do elevators last? Unfortunately there’s no straightforward answer. It depends on the volume of use, the maintenance history and how many owners a lift has been through. On average, we would expect a well tended lift to last around 25 years. Its life can be extended though, by strategic lift modernisation.

Lift modernisation is different from like-for-like repairs. The latter will keep your lift safe, but they won’t improve the performance of your lift, or potentially extend its life span. Modernisation replaces worn out lift components with the very latest upgrades. There’s a whole range of advantages to this process, and we introduce the top 5 benefits of lift modernisation here.

1. Your Lift Works Better

Clients are always stunned to experience the improved performance of lifts that have been modernised. Having just one or two components modernised – such as the door operating system, or the control panel – makes a huge difference. Reliability is improved, levelling accuracy is enhanced and accessibility is increased.

2. It’s a Cost Effective Strategy

Making the business case is easy when it comes to lift modernisation. Rather than allowing your vertical transport to drift towards obsolescence, a strategy is put in place to extend its life and improve its performance. Modernisation is much cheaper than stripping out your existing lift and replacing it. And modernising components means you’re minimising the repair bill.

3. Lift Modernisation Saves Energy

Upgrading your lift’s operating and control systems can often reduce the amount of energy consumed in its operation, leading to lower operating costs. When assessing the cost of modernisation, it’s therefore important to factor in the lower running costs that often result from the upgrade process.

4. Passenger Safety

Regular maintenance on older lifts ensures that preventative work is carried out in order to keep them safe. The risk of breakdown is greater, however, the older the lift, and refurbishment offers a more reliable strategy when it comes to passenger safety.

5. Improves Building Aesthetic

Whilst the operating and control systems will naturally be a priority for lift modernisation, the way a lift looks also matters. A tired and creaking lift can create a poor impression for clients and visitors. A refurbishment of the passenger cabin, frontage, and doors can make a huge difference – not just to passengers, but to the building as a whole.

About Tower Lifts

For nearly two decades now, Tower Lifts has been providing lift design and installation to businesses, homes and industry to London and across the UK. An important part of that work is the ongoing maintenance and repairs which ensure the safety and performance of elevators.

Many of our clients are managers or owners of legacy lifts, who require guidance and advice on whether to replace or modernise. Tower Lifts will carry out an on-site survey of your lift and provide a detailed diagnosis, including a range of modernisation solutions where appropriate.

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