5 Benefits of Installing an Elevator in a House

5 Benefits of Installing an Elevator in a House

Can Residential Lifts Improve Your Quality of Life?

For some clients, installing an elevator in a house can have negative connotations to do with the onset of age. The Tower Lifts team, having designed and installed hundreds of residential lifts over the past two decades, sees it differently. And so do our clients, once their home lift’s in place. The majority are delighted with both the look and functionality of their new design feature, and most of them find the technology totally liberating.

Why Install an Elevator in a House?

There’s no one reason for deciding to install a lift in the home. For some couples it’s about future-proofing the family home to ensure a long and happy life living in a place they love. For others, it’s about adapting an environment to provide the access they need as a wheelchair user, or as someone with limited mobility. Increasingly, installing a residential lift is a lifestyle choice providing a luxury feature that makes their home unique.

What Kind of Elevator?

The growth in the home lift sector has led to a greater range of affordable and innovative technologies to suit your specific requirements. At Tower Lifts we create bespoke lift designs to match the needs of the client and the environment of their home. It gives us enormous pleasure to be able to offer a spectrum of possibilities, all of them customisable:

Our designers make a site visit to discuss the most appropriate lift for a client and consider the design in relation to its environment. We actively encourage clients to participate in the design process.

5 Benefits of Installing an Elevator in a House

Some of the following benefits are expected, others are more of a surprise to many of our clients:

1. Enhanced Access to Your Home

This, of course, is always the goal of installing an elevator in a house. However, the range of options open to designers and installers means that we can create stylish, ergonomic, and sustainable solutions. Introducing a new design feature into your home provides both a functional and an aesthetic benefit which will be enjoyed by guests and family members for years to come.

2. The Home as a Safe Environment

If you are experiencing more difficulty tackling steps and stairs, a residential elevator removes a number of hazards from your living environment and replaces them with a safe and controlled way to access every part of your home. Family members will enjoy peace of mind, and – as a user – you’ll regain the independence of travelling between floors without worrying that you’ll miss your footing, or trip as a result.

3. An Increase in Your Home’s Value

For estate agents a home lift is nothing but a positive which will most definitely help to sell your home. Not only that, the fact that a lift is a sought-after feature, whether for access or luxury, means that the value of the property increases automatically. An elevator in a house that has been designed to enhance the overall style and aesthetic of the property offers a unique proposition to buyers and gives your home a real edge in a crowded market.

4. Once Installed It’s Easy to Maintain

Home lifts are built to be durable, and they get a good deal less wear and tear than their public counterparts. An elevator in a house is designed to last for years, but Tower Lifts installers would strongly recommend regular servicing. This guarantees that you lift continues to operate efficiently and economically, at peak performance.

We offer bespoke maintenance contracts which are tailored to your lift and usage. The contract includes emergency repairs so if there is a problem, you know that you can access repairs 24/7.

5. An Increase in Wellbeing

There’s no reason why we should carry heavy objects from one floor to another or feel compelled to take the stairs when we would prefer an alternative form of transport. Installing an elevator in a house isn’t just a practical necessity, it’s also a choice about how we wish to live, and the way our environment responds to our needs.

About Tower Lifts

Since 2006 Tower Lifts has been a leading UK designer and installer of residential lifts. After so many years working in this sector, we’re passionate about helping clients to achieve their vision, access their homes in the way they want, and extend the potential of their living environment. Our designers can be relied upon to come up with an innovative and creative range of home lift solutions.

Tower Lifts is an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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