4 Stop Passenger Lift Installation for Swallow House, Kings Cross

When a building outgrows its existing vertical transport systems, what do you do? Scrap the whole thing and start again? Accept limited access for what it is and move on? Tower Lifts offers a third option, which is guaranteed more cost-effective and efficient than the alternatives.

We’re currently working on an ambitious project at Swallow House, Kings Cross, as part of the building’s major expansion and renovation works. The building is being extended an additional two floors above its previous height, which will require full lift access.

The Tower Lifts team was challenged with taking the existing lift system and extending its reach, in order to cover a further two floors along with its current four stops. Hired on the back of our experience, expertise and reputation, our creative lift solutions are ideal for complex jobs like these.

Innovative Lifts for All Properties

What sets Tower Lifts apart from others in our field is our ‘can do’ approach to every job we take on. The way we see it, no challenge is impossible with a creative and thoughtful approach. Where others would be unable to get the job done, we thrive on the opportunity to put our skills and talents to the test. In the case of Swallow House, we knew the moment we were contacted that this job had our names written all over it!

Where space is limited and conditions are non-typical, this is where we thrive. Our initial inspection of Swallow House brought to light a number of potential complications and challenges, though none that weren’t comfortably within our capabilities. Having tackled so many complex and demanding lift modification projects over the past 15 years, we were in our element from day one.

By taking a dynamic, fully bespoke approach to lift design and installation, nothing is off the cards. If you’re told a job is simply impossible elsewhere, contact the Tower Lifts team to find out what we can do for you.

If you would like to find out more about a passenger lift for your domestic, residential or commercial setting, speak to our team today on 01525 601099.

Committed to Quality

Every member of the Tower Lifts team brings proven pride, passion and professionalism along for the ride. We’re the best at what we do because we’re passionate about what we do. Our reputation is built on 15 years of going the extra mile for every customer – we’re standing by to do the same for you.

As a fully independent local business, you can also count on Tower Lifts to provide you with nothing but honest and impartial advice on all aspects of lift installation, extension, maintenance and repairs. Whether considering a new lift installation or any kinds of alterations to your current lifts, we’d love to hear from you.

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