3 Ways Home Lifts Increase the Value of Your Property

3 Ways Home Lifts Increase the Value of Your Property

3 Ways Home Lifts Increase the Value of Your Property

For the vast majority of Tower Lifts clients installing home lifts, it’s the convenience, luxury or enhanced access that drives their decision. Many of them will only discover the value it adds to their property should they decide to sell. Over the past few years, however, the home lift has become a prized feature for estate agents, making it a potentially profitable investment, whatever your reasons for installation.

Whilst we’re unable to state exactly the impact a home lift can have on the value of your property; the trends indicate that it’s significant. As home lift designers and installers, we’ve found 3 ways in which home lifts increase the value of your property.

1. A Growing Market for Houses With Home Lifts

Not only does the UK have an ageing population, we also have the baby boomer generation that’s retiring and looking for property. Estate agents report that increasing numbers of buyers are including home lifts in their wish list when looking for properties.

As social care becomes more home-focused, families are recognising that an access-enhanced property is a solid investment for their later years. Properties that are designed to provide wheelchair access to all floors, and the garden as well, are now increasingly attractive to buyers.

2. Luxury Lifts are Increasingly Popular

Home lift innovation has been in overdrive over the past decade. It’s now quite the thing to have a ‘feature lift’ in your home, designed to your taste, and providing additional value for your property. Tower Lifts designers are increasingly involved in luxury lifts projects, where we work in partnership with clients or developers to customise the lift design according to their requirements.

3. Lifts are a Lifestyle Choice

Increasingly we adapt and change our homes to fit with our lifestyle. More and more, the home lift is becoming a part of that adaptation. Here’s 3 examples of lifts that are helping families to transform their living environment to fit their changing needs.

  • External Lifts. Children are remaining in the family home for longer, which can put stresses on the space available. One innovative solution is to create a self-contained living area with independent access, via a lift! External lifts are fairly easy to fit and create adaptable living spaces.
  • Dumbwaiter Lifts. This small and hugely helpful goods lift is an attractive feature in family homes for all ages. The chest high lift can be customised to the size you need, and is perfect for transporting drinks, luggage, laundry, the vacuum cleaner, or shopping from one floor to another.
  • Small Home Lifts. Do you have relatives that don’t visit because they can’t manage the stairs? Families are beginning to install ‘courtesy lifts’ to ensure that parents, mobility impaired friends or relatives, are able to spend time in their home.

About Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team has been designing and installing home lifts, platform lifts and dumbwaiters for nearly 20 years now. We’re experienced in the task of adapting homes for new challenges, and the majority of lifts we install are bespoke. Whatever you’re looking for, a Tower Lifts designer will work with you to ensure you achieve it.

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