Case Study – 3 Customised Dumbwaiters Installed for JD Sports in Leeds

Tower Lifts are delighted to have completed our 7th Dumbwaiter installation for JD Sports. When we were first contacted by this global brand a few years ago, it was to solve a logistics problem. Store managers needed an efficient way to get trainers from the store room to the customer, without taking retail assistants away from their face-to-face role. We designed a tailor-made dumbwaiter lift solution.

The Tower Lifts solution in the Dundrum store, in Ireland successfully solved the problem we’d been set. We were then asked to install similar dumbwaiters in Luton, Coventry, Doncaster, Leicester and Chester.

3 customer Dumb Waiters recently installed at JD Sports in Leeds

The Dumb Waiter Takes Centre Stage at JD Sports, Leeds

In Leeds, JD Sports has stores in the White Rose Shopping Centre, and The Core, but their latest outlet the city centre is being named as their flagship store. Of course, the Tower Lifts team was pleased to be involved, but the story just kept getting better. We were asked for 3 customised dumb waiter lifts which

3 customer Dumb Waiters recently installed at JD Sports in Leedswould be in full view of the customers in the public area of the store!

What had started as a business 

solution has now become very much a part of the JD Brand:

The cabins of our 3 stylish dumbwaiters match the yellow of the JD Sports brand, and they’re encased in elegant glass shafts. What’s exciting about this particular project is that the lift machinery has become an aesthetic feature, situated on the shop floor itself. Best of all, the dumbwaiter is still solving the original problem by providing customers with their chosen trainers fast!

Tower Lifts Solve Logistical Problems for Business Owners

This isn’t the first time that we’ve been asked to solve problems for business owners. Over the years we’ve helped galleries move fragile artworks, restaurants serve piping hot food without delay, and wheelchair users access public buildings.

If you have a problem you would like the Tower Lifts design team to help you with, call us today on 01525 601099 to start the conversation.


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