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Why is it called a Dumbwaiter?

Why’s It Called a Dumbwaiter?

Why’s It Called a Dumbwaiter? The dumbwaiter is one of a number of bewildering product names that are used regularly, whilst their origins are lost in the mists of time. Others in this category include HP sauce, bungalows,  ketchup or palace. Tower Lifts clients tend to be a tenacious bunch, though, so we thought it

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Dumb Waiter London

Looking for a Dumb Waiter in London?

Dumb Waiter London If you’re looking for an employee who works 24 hours a day without complaint, never takes time off for holidays or illness, always delivers on time, and can be relied upon to keep their mouth shut at all times – for free – a dumb waiter lift might fit the bill. This

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Lift Maintenance Contracts

Tailored Lift Maintenance Contracts from Tower Lifts

Lift Maintenance Contracts If you own or manage a lift used by employees or members of the public you’re legally required to have it regularly serviced. Newly installed lifts will have a warranty that covers servicing. Once it runs out you’ll have the choice of either renewing, or finding another provider. Most companies offering lift

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Service Lifts

Service Lifts Are Key to 21st Century Logistics

Service Lifts The lift industry sits at the heart of the UK’s biggest logistical challenge: How can we move goods and people safely, reliably and efficiently? Whether it’s a hospital, an hotel or a family home, the lift infrastructure guarantees passenger access and the rapid movement of goods between floors. The service lift is an

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glass lifts for London

Luxury Bespoke Glass Lifts in London

Glass Lifts London The design and installation of a bespoke glass lift is always an event for the Tower Lift design team. We have a passion for working with glass because it of the creative potential it provides. Glass enhances natural light which makes us feel good. Scatter that light by creating a translucent surface

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