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residential lifts london

Home Lifts London

Residential Lifts in London   What Can Home Lifts Do For You? Many people require residential lifts in London. The most common reason for installation is to make life easier for those with disabilities or those who struggle to use the stairs. Wheelchair users find them particularly useful, giving them access to a floor of

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step lifts london

Step Lift Provider in London

Step Lift Provider in London Have you ever used one of our step lifts in London? You may have thought about how handy and convenient they were to use. Perhaps you have considered calling a step lift provider in London for your business in your warehouse or factory environment. As a major supplier of step

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scenic lifts in london

Scenic Lifts in London

Scenic Lifts in London   Inspirational Glass lift / Scenic Lift solutions by Tower Lifts When you travel in scenic lifts in London, you get a better view of one of the best cities in the world. Whether you are travelling up the panoramic lift of the One New Change building to get a view of

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platform lift birmingham

Platform Lifts Birmingham

Platform Lifts Birmingham   What Sort of Platform Lift Do You Need? Many people rely on platform lifts in Birmingham these days. By law, disabled access in public areas is a necessity. However, in some older, protected buildings, it is not simply a case of replacing a set of stairs with a ramp. It is

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goods lift

Goods Lifts in London

Goods Lifts in London   What Do You Need From Your Goods Lift? Just look around our capital city and you will see hundreds of businesses using goods lifts in London every day. From the smaller, dumbwaiter lifts, to the larger trolley lifts, the transport of items between floors has never been so easy. Not

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Dumbwaiter lifts in london

Dumbwaiter Lifts in London

Dumbwaiter Lifts in London   The Many Roles of the Dumbwaiter Lift Many years ago, Dumbwaiter Lifts in London were extremely popular in the houses of the rich and privileged. Maids would use them to deliver laundry to the laundry room from different rooms in the house. They negated the need to carry handfuls of

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passenger lift

Passenger Lift | Passenger Lift Services | Lift Maintenance

Passenger Lift Installation Bedford Although happiest when we’re working around the country, it’s always nice to get a job close to home, such as the recent passenger lift installation project we undertook at Priory Business Park in Bedford, located a mere 9 miles away from our head offices in Ampthill. We were approached to install

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MRL Lifts – Machine Roomless Lifts

MRL Lifts MRL Lifts or Machine Roomless Lifts – Making the most of small spaces, with reduced dimension lift solutions Very often we are approached to quote and advise clients who need a reduced dimension lift solution to suit a minimal space. As access becomes more and more normalised, these kinds of machine roomless lifts

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The next great innovation in Passenger Lift installation – The HydroAdvance

The next great innovation in Passenger Lift installation – The HydroAdvance   Here at Tower Lifts, we aren’t strangers to innovations and 21st Century lift solutions. We like to push the boundaries of modernisation, developing ideas and solutions that mean we always have something new in the world of passenger lifts to offer our clients.

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Ensure the safety of your staff and visitors with a Firefighter Lift

Ensure the safety of your staff and visitors with a Firefighter Lift We all know the importance of regulations and safety protocols in public buildings, and the strict guidelines that enforce these safety standards. None are more stringent than fire regulations, which require buildings and environments to provide additional protection controls and signals to protect

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